S-TEK 95W Power Delivery GaN Car Charger




Utilize our powerful 95W Car Charger to transform your experience charging while driving. This charger is made to keep up with your hectic lifestyle and guarantees that your gadgets are always fully charged, no matter where your travels take you. The reliable charger is compatible with tablets, mobile phones, laptops and even cameras!

Quick Charging Efficiency

This car charger, with its remarkable 95 watt power output, is revolutionary for road trippers, commuters, and tourists. Whether it's a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other USB-C powered device, recharge it quickly and efficiently.

Portability While on the Go

Even if you're miles away from an outlet, never skimp on power. This car charger provides unmatched convenience by easily attaching to the power socket of your car and offering a steady and dependable power source.

Compatibility for Smart

This charger guarantees compatibility with a broad range of devices thanks to its USB-C ports. This charger is your one-stop shop for keeping your electronics charged while you're on the go, working with everything from the newest laptops to smartphones and tablets.

Designed for Security

Because your devices are valuable, this car charger has a number of safety features. It protects your gadgets from unforeseen electrical fluctuations with features like short-circuit and overcurrent protection, making charging worry-free.

Lightning-fast charging

With a power output of up to 95 watts, this car charger is made to provide lightning-fast charging rates for your gadgets such as Macbook, iPhone, Galaxy, iPad and Steam Deck. Put an end to lingering around while your devices charge quickly.

Strong and Prepared for Travel

This charger is made of sturdy materials and is designed to survive regular use. Because of its lightweight and portable design, it's the perfect travel companion for road warriors who require dependable charging at all times.

With our 95W Car Charger, you can enjoy the convenience of continuous charging, making it the ideal travel companion for all your road trips.