S-TEK 65W Power Delivery GaN Wall Charger




With our 65W USB-C GaN Charger, you can usher in a new era of efficient charging. This charger, which combines portability and power, delivers unmatched performance in a stylish, small package. The 65W USB C GaN charger is ideal to be used with mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

High-Speed Charging

This GaN charger guarantees lightning-fast charging for your USB-C enabled devices with a power output of up to 65 watts. Experience quick and dependable charging for your Macbook, iPhone, Galaxy, iPad or any other device with a USB-C port.

GaN Technology

Designed with GaN technology, this charger's ultra-compact form factor belies its extraordinary power. Because of its small size, which fits neatly into your pocket or bag, it is the perfect travel companion because it ensures that you never run out of juice.

Versatile Compatibility

The charger's USB-C port allows it to work with a variety of devices, making it ideal for charging all of your USB-C capable electronics. This charger is suitable for all devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Features for Safety

Our top priority is keeping your device safe. This charger guarantees a safe charging experience for your devices as well as the charger itself by incorporating cutting-edge safety features like temperature control, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection.

Redefining Efficiency

This charger is compact thanks to GaN technology, which also maximizes efficiency by reducing heat production and energy loss. Quickly charge your gadgets without harming the environment.

With our 65W USB-C GaN Charger, you can upgrade your charging setup and take advantage of the ideal balance of power, portability, and safety for all your USB-C devices.