S-TEK 18 Pieces Networking Maintenance Tool Kit



The Network Repair Tool Kit guarantees a dependable and long-lasting performance while assisting you in identifying and resolving networking issues. It comes with a variety of network tools and is lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport to work, home, or other locations. a specially designed case to safely keep all the tools.

About This Product

Secured Grip

With a secure grip and an insulated handle, the wire stripper and crimping tool device are included in the networking tool set. The auto release mechanism offers great durability and allows you to crimp with 50% less energy. The RJ11/12 and RJ45 copper wires can be stripped and terminated using the crimping tool, which has a precision die that offers 360-degree connection support during the crimping cycle.


It is a multi-purpose tool for common networking requirements in data centers, allowing you to test network cables and telephone lines, strip network wires, create Ethernet connectors, and accurately crimp.

More Specifications

The case comes with an anti-static wristband, UTP/STP strips and cut tools, a 4.5" side cutter, 5" long nose pliers, an 8P8C modular plug, a protection cap, and a lan cable tester. The ideal way to upgrade your network or conduct quick repairs.

Effortless Cable Management

Our toolkit includes cable ties, cable organizers, and cable markers to help you keep your network cables organized and easily distinguishable. Say goodbye to cable clutter and confusion. 

High-Quality Materials

We've handpicked and assembled this toolkit with high-quality materials, ensuring that each tool is durable, reliable, and built to withstand the rigors of network maintenance tasks.