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About Us

Saicom Computers LLC was founded in 2001 by our Managing Director Mr Haresh Amlani. Saicom Computers LLC head office  is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with initial sales & marketing within Gulf countries of various ranges of computer accessories. With sincere & dedicated efforts of the management & the employees,the business prospered & all available opportunities that came along the way were accepted.

The business expanded from GCC countries to Africa, Pakistan and CIS countries.
With this expansion, a decision was unanimously taken by the management to explore establishing presence in China to source the supply,remain competitive and remain vigilant with the growing and ever changing market trend.S-TEK International Group Ltd, China was then established in 2005 at Guangzhou.
S-TEK brand was formally registered and full fledged office was established in China in 2005 with focus to concentrate on the export business,feed local market requirement and remain competitive.The success of S-TEK brand of accessories was significant and has now become a very reliable and popular name in the local market.This success has led to diversify into other range of products via Network Cable and HDD Enclosure which is proving to be our strength.
Whenever you think of computer accessories, mobile accessories amd security systems remember the name S-TEK.
Our business ethics and goal has always been "your profit". If you think procuring goods directly from the souree(i.e.China) is more profitable, then write/contact us and see the benefit you gain from our extremely competitive quotes. 


We promise, you will not regret