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USB 2.0

USB 2.0

Model: ST-U5008
Manufacturer: USB A Male x2 to mini 5Pin

Quick Overview

24K gold plated corrosion-proof connectors for

maximum conductivity and a clean clear


Tactilite molded strain relief provides a 360

degree turning radius for true protection


damage to the conductors.

20-gauge high performance power wires


maximum USB performance.

Exceeds USB specifications.

Supports up to 127 devices on a daisy-chain


Flextec cable jacket is extremely flexible for


in tight areas.

Gold plated copper contacts provide maximum

conductivity and minimizes data loss.

Foil and braid shield complies with fully rated

cable specifications reducing EMI/RFI


Impedance matched twisted pair construction

helps to minimize cross talk, ensuring high-

speed, error-free transmission.

Undermold shield helps to prevent radio

frequency and electro-magnetic Interference

(EMI/RFI). Hood shielding.

eliminates antennae excitation.

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